The intensive treatment specifically for fighting the appearance of cellulite and skin aging* with extraordinary results.

* Fights the appearance of cellulite and skin aging.


Recommended for

Suitable for all types of cellulite: edematous, soft and compact.
Treatment rich in iodine.



The treatment works in a targeted way with a dual action:

  1. ANTI-CELLULITE*, counteracts the appearance of cellulite thanks to a combination of active ingredients such as Lipo-Active and draining, anti-water MEDITERRANEAN ESSENTIAL OILS, BROWN ALGAE and CAFFEINE with a draining and lipo-reducing action.
  2. YOUTH-ENHANCING*, helps to counteract skin aging thanks to a new generation active ingredient – OXYGEN CARRIER SYSTEM – a cellular energy booster that supplies oxygen to the tissues, improving their operation.


Products used

Products used for professional treatment in the salon

Professional Drain Serum
Professional Algae Drain Wrap
Professional Algae Mud
Professional Algae Massage Cream


Products for self-treatment at home

Nocturnina +
X-TREME Drain Gel




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